Поездка по Мангыстау завершена! 05-26-2013


Мы вернулись! Все живы-здоровы. Техника тоже не подвела. Удалось побывать почти во всех запланированных местах. Сейчас идет обработка отснятого материала. По ходу дела будут появлятся новые публикации и фото- видеоматериалы.

1 этап поездки пройден! 05-05-2013


Меловые горы Акталагай на границе Актюбинской и Атрауской областей когда-то были дном мирового океана. Сейчас в их белых отрогах на каждом шагу встречаются ракушки, остатки древних головоногих, кораллы и различные конкреции морского дна.

Поехали! 04-30-2013


29 апреля 2013 года. Наша первая остановка по пути на Мангышлак. Город Туркестан - старейшая столица казахских ханов, политический и духовный центр тюркских народов на протяжении веков. Мавзолей суфия, великого учителя тюркских народов, поэта и философа Ходжи Ахмета Яссауи на рассвете.

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Сборник всех отчетов по первому этапу проекта "Неизвестный Казахстан"

Итоговая выставка! 11-01-2012



Дорогие друзья! 

Спешим сообщить, что 10 ноября состоится открытие итоговой выставки фотопроекта "Неизвестный Казахстан", ...

Photo safari across Central Asia

The idea of the Photo safari was born from our desire to offer local residents to sweep over beautiful places in vicinity of Almaty with the idea of "club party". Quickly enough it has extended over country borders and the "photo party" concept.

Our Photo safaris are not only about photo hunting for rare and unique Central Asian birds and animals, but also about amazing landscapes, an original life of local residents, shooting of models against the picturesque nature - almost all aspects of a photo. Your age, your occupation and photographic experience are not important. If you are the Pro or just the beginner – it doesn’t matter. Only one thing – the passion for photography – is required from you. You should love photography and have desire to share the feelings with others. Photo safaris are not elite and prepared only for advanced photographers; because our purpose is to give the chance to any person interested in photography to get access to unique places for shootings under the direction of skilled and recognized photographers.

Our photo safaris have many advantages before simple routes which are offered by tour agencies:
our tours are organized for photographers basing on their interests; presence of the professional instructor which can always help; the friendly company of photo enthusiasts who are always ready to impart experience, ideas and knowledge; access to the most interesting and photogenic points of shooting during the most suitable time; unlimited time for shootings in chosen location.

Photographing is our passion. All of us live among people; we visit same places, we frequently witness same events. But being a photographer is to see the world differently. In each place which we visit we let everything that we see through us – color of the sky, a skin structure, a shade from a tree... And our purpose is to show the participants of our photo safari of what components a good photo consists of, how to call the aid of inspiration and how to embody the senses and feelings from those surprising and fine places which we are visiting during our tours.

We are firmly convinced that the best result during photo studying is given by practice, training of visualization of a shot and its instant embodiment. Therefore participants of our photo safaris will come back home with deep understanding of composition fundamentals, the possibilities given by depth of field, the use of the foreground and other important photography basics that are vital for taking the great shot.

We take the responsibility of solving all organizational questions –booking rooms in hotels, transport, the coordination of visiting with national parks administration and owners of the private territories; your part is to be engaged in a photo shooting and to have a good time.